Small and Complex IT Projects!

Managing a complex project presents a series of challenges of greater magnitude than found in typical project management.

Complex Projects

Small Projects

  • Details – number of variables and interfaces
  • Ambiguity – lack of awareness of events and causality
  • Uncertainty – inability to pre-evaluate actions
  • Unpredictability – the inability to know what will happen
  • Dynamics – rapid rate of change
  • Social structure – numbers and types of interactions
  • Interrelationships – many interdependencies and interconnections exist


  • Short duration – typically last less than six months, or part-time effort
  • Members –  10 or fewer team members
  • Skill areas – Generally involves few skill areas 
  • Narrowly defined scope and definition that is readily achievable
  • Affects a single business unit and no impacts on external projects
  • Access to project information and no dependency on external projects 
  • One primary source for leadership and decision making
  • Has available funding.


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